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The Nebraska Strategic National Implementation Process (SNIP) Task Group Welcomes You

Nebraska SNIP is a collaborative healthcare industry-wide process resulting in the implementation of standards and furthering the development and implementation of future standards.

The Nebraska HIPAA SNIP Task Group has been established to meet the immediate need to assess HIPAA Administrative Simplification implementation readiness and to bring about the coordination necessary for successful compliance.

  • NE SNIP is a forum for coordinating the necessary dialog among industry implementers of the HIPPA standards.
  • NE SNIP will identify industry "best practices" for implementation of HIPAA standards.
  • NE SNIP will identify coordination issues leading toward their resolution as industry adopted "best practices".
  • NE SNIP will adopt a process that includes an outreach to current industry initiatives, an information gap analysis, and recommendations on additional initiatives to gap-fill.
  • NE SNIP will coordinate local activities with national SNIP activities through the Wedi Corp.
  • Promote general healthcare industry readiness to implement the HIPAA standards.

  • Identify education and general awareness opportunities for the healthcare industry to utilize.

  • Recommend an implementation time frame for each component of HIPAA for each stakeholder (Health Plan, Provider, Clearinghouse, Vendor) and identify the best migration paths for trading partners.

  • Establish opportunities for collaboration, compile industry input, and document the industry "best practices".

  • Identify resolution or next steps where there are interpretation issues or ambiguities within HIPAA Administrative Simplification standards and rules.

  • Serve as a resource for the healthcare industry when resolving issues arising from HIPAA implementation.

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